Sunday, October 19, 2014

I began this journey, I thought, to become an athlete again. And I've made strides:

  • I've been running regularly since January.
  • I ran two 10Ks this summer (two weeks apart)
  • I'm training for my first half-marathon
  • I'm finally feeling like returning to the pool and bike
But while on vacation this summer I realized that the goal of becoming an athlete was limiting. We hiked on Mount Rainier while in the Pacific Northwest to visit family. I chose poorly and we ended up hiking straight down the mountain for 3 miles and had to turn around and hike straight back up. As we neared the end of our descent, we hit a flat spot and I just started running. I ran as the terrain allowed for maybe 1/4 mile. Then on the way back up I ran maybe another 1/4 mile. And I finished the hike all the way to the top without ever needing a break.

While on San Juan Island we took an amazing kayaking tour around the islands that lasted 3 hours. We cruised into the docks and I was ready for more. Then later that week I did a couple miles of trail running while out on a hike.

And while waiting at the parking lot for my family it hit me!

I don't just want to be athletic. I want to live. I mean really live! Like I never have before. When an adventure presents itself, I want to be able to strap on some gear and go for it. Not in a spectator/tourist sense; as a bad-ass, going-for-it participant.

And that's what I'm finally going to do. I'm going to participate in my own life for the first time in... maybe ever.