Saturday, November 10, 2012


I saw where people on Facebook were posting something they were thankful for every day of November (I think.  Maybe it's just until Thanksgiving... which makes me kinda sad that people can only come up with 23 things to be thankful for).  Well, typically, I didn't remember to post something any day this month so (because this seems to be the way it's done) I'll just catch them all up here.

  • 11/1 -- I was thankful for something about the weather... or maybe the leaves.  Something outside.
  • 11/2 -- I was thankful for a full belly.  (This one is kind of a cheat.  I'm always thankful for a full belly and I'm lucky enough to have one quite often).
  • 11/3 -- Mirinda Carfrae (Wut, Wut!)
  • 11/4-11/7 -- My daughter's birthday was in there and I'm usually pretty thankful for her.  I was also thankful she was only turning 15 and for her cake.
  • Every day -- LOCK LACES 
Okay, that's enough.  We all know what we're thankful for and telling you guys doesn't make me more grateful for what I have in my life.

Suffice to say, we athletes (yes, I can call myself that again with a straight face) have more to enjoy and be grateful for every day.  Let's not blow that particular gift.  It makes all the others stand out in full technicolor glory to be enjoyed to their fullest.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Delayed Onset Puberty

Since my race I've been thinking long and hard about my life (always dangerous).  I want to do many more races and I want to get my family involved in racing and do all kinds of active things together with them before my daughter leaves the nest.

Last summer I trained for 15 weeks and lost a grand total of 10 lbs.  I probably lost that same 10 lbs. 3 times over the summer.  If I'm going to continue racing things has to change.  After much introspection I realized I only need to change one thing:  I need to become an adult.

Ever since I left home after high school a large part of my life has remained firmly in the realm of college-age moron.  When I start drinking I tend to keep drinking like a stupid frat boy.  I still let my food cravings govern my food intake.  "Mmm... a cheeseburger sounds good.  I'd better buy two because I can't decide which kind to get so I'll just get one of each."  Really stupid, embarrassing, childish stuff.

So, I've decided to finally exit my post-pubescent stage and join the adult world.  My first goal is to change what I put in my body.  I'm cutting way back on meat and switching to a nutrient-rich diet (diet as in "what I eat" not as in "restricting calories").

I'm hoping that taking charge of another part of my life will lead to even more changes for the better (I keep house like I live in a dorm room unfortunately for my poor, sainted wife).  I keep reading that to change habits you need to pick them off one at a time.  Diet is where I'm drawing this particular line.

One thing I refuse to do is quit having fun.  Once you do that you've gone beyond adulthood to geezerhood.  I'm too young for that.  Maybe that's why I've fought "growing up" for so long.  I like having fun.  I like being goofy and making people laugh and I intend to continue doing that.  I'm just not going to try and kill myself with crappy food while I do it.