Saturday, October 20, 2012

The last few weeks have been pretty miserable training-wise.  My plan has been to switch into a winter fitness-building mode which means getting up early so I can make spinning class and coached masters' swimming sessions.  The only problem?  I can't freaking sleep!

I was never sleeping all that well all summer but all my training was in the afternoons so, after I got off work, I'd suck it up and hit my workout.  Now that I'm trying to get up earlier and I'm doing less training, my sleep issues have gotten worse.

I typically go to bed around 9:30, read until around 10 and then turn out the lights.  Some nights I get right to sleep, wake up at 2am and then I'm awake until 3:30-4:30.  I need to wake up around 4:45 to get to the gym in time.  Just stay awake?  I've tried that and sitting at a computer for 8 hours on 4 hours sleep is impossible for me.  Plus, when I'm that tired I eat all kinds of junk to try and stay awake.  No willpower at all.

Other nights I just lay awake for an hour in bed, then I get up and lay awake for another 1-2 hours before finally falling asleep.

Sometimes it's my brain that keeps me awake, other times my body is all wound up.

I've tried staying awake later to try to be more tired and stay asleep longer.  That hasn't worked.  I hate taking sleeping pills every night.  I don't want to get dependent on them.

This week, however, I'm hitting the meds.  I'm hoping if I can get through a couple nights where I sleep at least 6 hours and get up and work out I'll start being tired enough at night to sleep all the way through.

Kind of a downer of a post but I'm sick for about the 3rd time in 4 weeks, tired and only able to get in my runs which brings me down even more.

Hopefully I'll have something more fun to report on next week.

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