Thursday, October 4, 2012


So, it turns out writing a recap of a race is even harder than completing the actual race.  I'm working hard on it but it seems like a lot of boring stuff happened and the last thing I want to do is bore people.

In the mean time, I'm going to talk about lethargy.  I have pretty much done nothing but lay on the couch, whine, and eat since the race.  Is this normal?  Okay, whining is always normal for me, but what about the other stuff?  I finally got two good nights' sleep in a row this week and feel like I'm ready to head out for a run this afternoon but I remember how the couch felt when I got home last night and it's how I imagine remembering your last dose of meth.  It's calling me back to it in a dreamy, persuasive voice that I'm not sure I can ignore.  It's big (I can actually stretch out on it), soft, leathery, and green.  Heaven, amirite?

Anyway, the recap is on the way with lots of pictures of some fat guy in way-too-tight clothes grinning like an idiot.  It will be epic in ways my racing can't be.

Stay tuned!

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