Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre-Race Retrospective

I've finally hit my taper week and my race is this Saturday morning.  My last full week ended like this:

Saturday: 1400m swim including 1000m straight in roughly 21:30.  Rest an hour.  51 minutes of run/walk (8/1).
Sunday: 20 mile bike

My wife went on my run with me on Saturday and the look in her eye as I finished gave me an idea of what I've accomplished over the last few months.

Looking back in my (poorly maintained) log I see that my first real workout on this journey was on June 19.  I did 20 minutes of run/walk: 30 seconds running, 90 seconds walking and I remember it being very painful.  My first bike ride was the next day: 20 minute 'recovery' ride of 3.6 miles.  My first swim was June 21: 8x25 with what I remember as a two minute rest after every 25.

If my math is right, that's only 3 months ago.  In 3 months I went from a struggling 8x25 in the pool to 1000m straight.  3.6 miles on the bike to 20 miles.  It's just damned near impossible to believe.

Don't ever tell yourself you're too fat or old to start exercising.  I was literally almost in tears with pain  and shame on my first run.  I've thought I would never be a swimmer many, many times.  But Saturday I compete in my first triathlon and I know that I'm completely ready for it.

I've been freaked out about this race for months and now I can't wait for it to get here.  If you race this weekend, good luck.  If you race with me, please say 'Hi'.  If you're watching a race, cheer for all comers and let yourself be inspired to dream about doing one, too.


  1. Wahoo, Joel! You are ready, and I am so proud to have followed (and to continue following) your journey... Enjoy your race!

  2. Joel,

    Good luck, friend! Enjoy it. We'll be cheering for you and have been throughout- although you probably haven't heard us being 500 miles away and all.

    - Peter