Monday, September 3, 2012

Ponyboy, Meet Isaac

Yesterday, I was scheduled for a 15 mile ride.  I haven't found a safe, flat place for a ride in Lexington (yes I know I could join Bluegrass Tri Club, Andrea :-) ) so I always head out to the hilly, rather short Legacy Trail.  I left early to beat the impending arrival of what was left of hurricane Isaac.  I missed.

My first mistake was heading out for my long run way too late and finishing around 8 the night before. I got on my bike at 12:45 the next day and my legs felt dead before I even hit the saddle.  Then, within the first mile and a half, I turned South-West and straight into the teeth of the arriving storms.

I checked when I got back to the car and the wind was only gusting 17 MPH but let's face it, I'm basically a bike sail.  When I was going with the wind I could get into my large front ring but even going into the wind obliquely I felt like I was cycling through peanut butter.

I'm sure some of my trouble was poor recovery from my long run but either way, it was just a miserable ride.  I had to stop at the car after 12 miles with the full intention of stopping.  Lucky for me I found a Kashi Dark Mocha Almond chewy granola bar in my car and sucked it down.  4 more fights with the wind and I cranked out the whole 15.  At one point I actually caught myself growling at the wind as I fought my way through it.

But I made it.  I'll admit with a great deal of shame I have a history as a quitter.  I always bailed out of tough workouts early during soccer practice thinking I was done.  Now I know I wasn't.  Yesterday I thought I was done and I managed 3 more miles on pure determination.

Please, please, please don't give up on yourself.  I've done it my whole life.  Every time I mention triathlon or this blog to certain people their first response is "Oh, you're still doing that?"  That pisses me off no end.  But it motivates me, too.  I'm done being a quitter.  I never want to give someone a reason again to ask me if I'm sticking with something.  I've almost made it to my race and I know I'll finish it.  Just the first but definitely not the last time I'll finish something tough.


  1. Hate to tell you but the LT is pretty flat relatively speaking. There are no flats in Lexington or nearby. At least I haven't found them.

    Don't worry though - you will soon love the hills! I promise.

  2. Way to go!! You make me feel like I CAN!

  3. Inspiring post! You're almost there- only four weeks to go!

  4. 1) You are amazing. Quitting is not in your vocab. Not anymore.
    2) Coach Monster says, "learn to love the hills. make love to the climbs." It's true. and Gross. But once you start loving them and relaxing your upper body and accepting what is coming.. it's a beautiful thing.
    I love your journey. I think you are amazing. And I see so much of me in you... you go this. GO, go go... forward is the goal.
    And as I sit here tonight...eating 10 pieces of pizza and 10 beers, tomorrow will be better. I won't do the same tomorrow. It's all about getting control where you can and going forth. You are an inspiration.

  5. you are way too hard on yourself.. you are 1000% awesome