Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still can't believe what I'm doing

Last night I knocked out a 600 yard swim.  And I could have done more.  Until Wednesday of this week, I had really been struggling with my swim.  I've been  doing 25 and 50 yard intervals with 10-15 seconds rest and I hadn't finished one properly, yet.  I would get a couple done then have to take a longer break to catch my breath.

How I felt before last night.

Wednesday I finally quit trying to finish so quickly, relaxed and all of a sudden swimming was easy.  On every previous swim, my arms were pretty much dead after 200 yards or so.  Now I really feel like I can handle my triathlon swim.

How I feel now.
I've been meaning to post this link about lap swimming etiquette forever.  It really helped me get up the courage to get in the lap lane for the first time and I hope it helps someone else get over their newbie fear and hop in.  I've met so many cool people during my swims and I promise you they don't care if your stroke sucks.  Be polite, follow these simple etiquette techniques and they welcome you into their group.  I've even had people help me with my stroke just to be friendly.

Today I have a 40 minute run/walk and tomorrow a 12 mile ride.  I'm almost covering the full distance of each discipline for my sprint tri.  I've done my first brick and it was awesome.  Things are going really well (knock wood) and I can't wait til race day.

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