Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On My Way

Things are finally on the move.  I've now been on three 'runs' (30 seconds on, 90 seconds off for 20 minutes).  Each run has gotten a little easier and the only issue is making sure my legs can handle it.  I haven't gotten out of breath or even really broken a sweat on a run, yet.

Today, I finally made it out to our Legacy Trail and put in my first bike ride.

20 minutes at moderate pace including a small hill.  I could have gone longer but was worried about over doing it.  The bike rides a little rough, I think the crank is warped but it worked fine for what I was doing.

Not pretty but peoples likes the pics.
Looking at that pic it looks like I may need to invest in a new helmet, too.

Anywho, tomorrow I'm heading to the pool.  I've picked up some drills from the Total Immersion DVD  Andrea loaned me so I don't think I'll look too ridiculous and I should get something out of it.  The goal tomorrow is an easy (very easy) 500m.  Wish me luck, I need to go find my swim suit.


  1. Yes!!! Go go go! This is awesome. You're doing it!

    Now, get yourself a comfortable/fitted bike and helmet as soon as you feasibly/financially/practically can.. it makes a difference on how much you may "love" the ride. This comes from experience... I suffered on my old "it'll do" bike for far too long. When I got the good one, it was magic and helped. :)

    You are awesome!

    1. I think you probably have an idea what it means to have you cheering me on, but I have to tell you anyway. It totally rocks getting emails with your comments. Gives my day a little boost and makes the effort to get out and train that much easier. I think that if I hadn't started this journey, I'd never have known how wonderful people can be and how many fantastic friends I have. Thank you.