Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday I had my one thousandth page view.  No, you are not allowed to ask if I count my own.  But, in honor of this amazing milestone I will regale you with a tale of perseverance in the face of almost unimaginable adversity.

Last week on my first trip to the pool, I took a deep breath, sucked in my gut and took my shirt off (yes, they should require a permit).  I put my head down, making eye contact with no one, and walked manfully to the edge of the pool.  The end of the pool where you enter the lap lanes is only 3'6" deep which barely comes up to my hips making me afraid to just cannonball in and start swimming.  So, instead, I eased my foot to the lip, squatted down until I could touch the apron, eased one foot out and gracefully fell into the pool.  As a friend of mine used to say, "Poetry in motion."

But, here's the deal: I didn't die of embarrassment.  I usually look around to see who saw me and who's laughing.  Now I'm wondering why I ever do that to myself.  I just kept my mind on what I was doing and let the rest of the world slip away and enjoyed myself like I never thought I would.

I just got back from my first 500m swim.  There were lots of breaks involved, but 500m were completed.  I have never lived so internally in my life and I have never been happier to be around people.  I'm flummoxed by the dichotomy, but I'm really f'n happy.

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  1. Swim Bike Klutzes are still triathletes. I'm living proof. :) Nice work. You SHOULD be f'n happy. That is a great effort and job well done. Things are just going straight up from here, my friend. Rock on, you.