Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've been paralyzed by the enormity of what I've signed up for.  A Sprint probably doesn't seem like much to someone who's done a Triathlon but it seems huge to me.  I've been combing through training plans looking for one that fits my fitness level.  This has calmed me down considerably.  Most of them start slowly and seem doable but for one thing:  I still don't know how running's going to work for me.

Wednesday night I went for my first 'run' in years and years.  I did 20 minutes doing 30 seconds running and 90 seconds walking.  Not surprisingly, it hurt.  The good thing is it hurt in both legs and by relaxing and concentrating on Chi Running, landing with my feet under me and on the mid to forefoot, I could 'cruise'.  Seriously, the worst part of the run was getting over looking like an out of shape beginner (yes, I know that's what I am; I don't have to like it).  The best part is that I woke up the next morning with no knee pain.  I'm hoping right now the pain was in all the little pieces in my joints I'll call 'ligaments and such' that need to acclimate to running.

This week I'll take my old 10-speed out to our local Trail of Tears to start biking.  All I want to do is remind myself what it feels like to be on a bike and get my legs broken in.  As I said, all of the beginner sprint plans I've looked at start out very slowly so I don't need to be on the bike long, I just need to get on it.

Some day this week I need to just suck it up and get in the pool.  I've learned some very simple drills I can do from Total Immersion videos.  I never realized how much of swim training is just working on your stroke and breathing.  They also seem like things I can do in front of strangers and not look too retarded.  I know I shouldn't care, and once I get into the pool the first day I won't care anymore.  The first time's always the hardest.

My sleep has been sucky so I've not felt like writing or exercising the last few days but I hope to get fully rested this weekend while my family pampers me and hit it hard Monday.

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