Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's Get It

Joining in the spirit of Swim Bike Mom's call for openness, I weighed myself this morning and saw 297 lbs registered on the scale.  In my Buddha picture above, I weighed roughly 310 lbs.  When I was playing soccer at Kentucky Wesleyan College, I weight about 212 lbs.  A couple years later when I was pining over my future wife I got down to 195 lbs.  It's been a steady climb, since.

Thinking about my weight in that Buddha picture makes me think about the torture of traveling at my size.  It's bad enough flying for 16 hours in coach when you're 6'2", but when you're 100 lbs overweight it's so, so much worse.  I'm very aware of the space I fill when I'm crammed in with so many other people.  I watch for that look that says, "Oh, crap" when the person I'm sitting next to sees me aiming for their row.

Then there's just being in China at my size.  Almost nobody there is overweight and they're mostly very small compared to me.  They have these little plastic stools on the factory floor we can sit on during the 12 hour days we spend there.  I refuse to sit on them.  I've seen a guy break them before and he wasn't as big as me.  When I walk through the factory floor, work almost stops.  Some of it's my beard and long hair, but I hate walking around with everyone staring at my giant carcass hauling itself around the factory.

Random family in Hong Kong wanting their mom's picture with me.
Even walking around town I'm followed and stared at.  I drink a lot when I'm there.  When I tell the story about that woman taking her picture with me it's really funny, but the whole episode tears me up inside.

So, this little confessional is to let everyone who reads this know that I've been miserable and I am pretty miserable right now.  But in 6 or 8 or 12 weeks, if you come back to this blog you will see what can be done just by taking that first step, admitting how miserable you are and admitting to yourself that you want something better.

If you're reading this and you've avoided doing something because of your weight or lack of fitness, join me today and decide you deserve something better.  We all do.  Let's get it.


  1. This is a great post. I'm 5'11" and several times in my travels I've had the fun experience of having random men come up, stare at me and the inform me that I was the tallest woman they had ever seen. How fun to be someone else's novelty. I really admire your new direction and encouragement for others.